Cute Star Wars Outfit


When Oliver told me that he wanted a Star Wars party, I easily thought of the decor, menu, favors. What I struggled with was the idea of dressing all of us in themed attire. How does someone make a Star Wars outfit chic and not cliche? Well, here is my answer.

Use the classic jeans and tee combo. Make it the all-American girl outfit by using the just as classic white Converse pairing.

I will totally admit that I borrowed Adan’s shirt and used fashion tape to keep the sleeves rolled

While Oliver’s outfit was put on after this photo (he had the cutest costume made by his Oma), we found his shirt for insanely cheap at Wal Mart.

This outfit earned me a lot of compliments the entire party, and I was insanely comfortable: win-win!

Cute Star Wars Outfit
Star Wars Outfit Details

Tee: Target ($12)

Jeans: American Eagle High-Rise Jeggings  ($49)

Shoes: Converse ($49)


Tee: WalMart ($6)

Jeans: Target Cat & Jack ($7)

Shoes: Target ($16)


2 thoughts on “Star Wars Chic”

  1. I have a Star Wars tee that I found at our local supermarket and I love it! Definitely the perfect thing to wear if you’re having a Star Wars-themed party!

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