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It’s easy to forget to how to date your spouse after you’ve been married for several years, and especially after you’ve entered the roughest ‘hood of all–parenthood. All cliches aside, I think that sometimes we need a gentle reminder to branch out and look at dating our spouse a bit more seriously.

First things first, get a freaking babysitter.

I’m not kidding. We are all so quick to sacrifice for our kids’ happiness, but a happy marriage is paramount. If you can’t afford one, get resourceful and try swapping kids with another family. Playdates for all. You’re welcome.

Second, scout out the best place to grab a bite.

I’m of the opinion that all good dates involve food. Yelp is bae when it comes to user-sourced recommendations. Another idea is to go somewhere scenic. This is what we did on our last date.

We drove to gorgeous Midway, Utah. It felt like a mini-getaway. It was a quick 45-minute drive through the stunning Provo Canyon. When we drove out to the other side, gorgeous lake views greeted us.

It was a Saturday evening, so we headed towards the Zermatt for Z’s Chop Haus, where they have a gourmet buffet on Saturdays evenings. Our server was the best. They have a piano player who had my husband entirely convinced we were listening to a recording at first. Everything tasted great, and I’m 100% obsessed with their cheese fondue and dessert offerings. When you go, eat anything baked. The baked goods were incredible. Not even joking around on this one. It was super affordably priced, too.

How to Date Your Spouse

Z's Chop Haus

Z's Chop Haus

After you’ve eaten, it’s time to pick an activity.

We decided to walk around the resort for a bit before we rolled walked to the car. It was gorgeous. We enjoyed the overall feel of the resort, and you really can’t go wrong when watching the sunset in Midway.

If you’re more of an indoor person, movies are always fun, and if you’re feeling adventurous try escape rooms, ax throwing, nickel arcades, karaoke, or VR (just to name a few of our favorites).

Provo Canyon

Take the time to communicate.

If you find yourself unable to talk about anything exciting or start feeling like you know everything that your spouse could say, ask questions of each other. My friend Bekah (Cookie Curator) keeps a list of questions in her phone that she asks of her kids when they go on dates. Why don’t we do the same for when we grab a minute with our spouses? My “date your spouse” Pinterest board has a ton of questions to ask your spouse.


This post is sponsored by Z’s Chop Haus where we received a complimentary dinner in exchange for our honest opinion.


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