Dear Diet Coke

Dear Diet Coke, you sustain me and give me joy.

Though we have had our ups and downs, we always find our way back to each other. In grad school, I depended on you fully. In pregnancy, I left you at the curb. And now in motherhood, I find you in the afternoon as a moment of much needed “me time.”

Diet Coke, you are best from the fountain or straight from a cold can. It makes my heart heavy when you are left to lose your carbonation. A cold can of Diet Coke deserves respect. I will always offer you my respect.

Sometimes you and I get fancy. We may find each other at a local soda shop, like Sodalicious, Swig, or Fizz. We may add raspberry puree and fresh lime to this mix when we are celebrating a special occasion.

During our bachelor-degree days, I would walk through parks and sunshine or wind and snow to find you. You were always a welcome break in my stress filled days. You always offered me cold solace and a vote of confidence.

Even so, as I write this, I find you in my cup filled to the brim with pebble ice. You are indeed the superior soda, anyone who finds you inferior to full-sugar Coca-Cola clearly has poor taste. I will always sing your glory and appreciate your perfect concoction.

In my dreams, I’ll meet you in the Corner Cafe on the off of Disneyland’s Main Street, where we will relax and listen to the piano play.

Though I’m sure we will always have our ups and downs and our varying times of meeting. You are my constant in this world of chaos.

Love, Evi


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