Beddy's Star Wars Room

In a parent’s life, there are certain areas that any given parent finds him or herself in more than others. For us, it’s the bedroom–or at least the concept of “the bed.”

We work our tails off from infancy to get the baby to “go to bed,” to “take a nap,” or “sleep in his own bed.” We work round the clock to get those kids tired and asleep. Our lives revolve around the bed.

Beddy's Star Wars Room

Beddy's Star Wars Room

Subsequently, memories are made around a children’s beds. The memory of tucking them in and reading stories. The memory of lying next to them, singing lullabies to ease them into sleep when your mind is far past mush and you, yourself, need your bed.

For several years, our lives revolve around helping or children sleep–and then those moments are gone. I find myself spending more time snuggling in his bed, more time watching him sleep (low key creeper parent move). I spend more time missing him while he sleeps in his own bed–something I begged him to do those first several months on motherhood.

Still, these are the memories I hold closest to my heart, as my baby grows older and more independent.

And him growing independent? That’s not the end of the world. In fact, he even makes his own bed (thanks to this cute set from Beddy’s), which is amazing. So as he grows independent, we will continue creating memories in a space that allows us to stretch our minds and open our hearts–because bedrooms are for more than sleep, they’re for growing, learning, and loving.



P.S. My kid’s bed is comfier than mine now. *insert laughing emoji*

Beddy's Star Wars Room

Beddy's Star Wars Room

Beddy's Star Wars Room

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  1. This is so adorable, Evi! That bedding looks awesome and it totally fits the rest of his space. That picture of him sleeping – OMG too cute!

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