Be the Light 2018 Goals Mon Fig

Yesterday, Adam and I gave talks in church to our ward (congregation) on the Light of Christ. I don’t feel like that was a coincidence because this entire month, I’ve been thinking about how I can help others and be joyful each day. I want light to permeate each aspect of my life this year: in all of my goals.

  1. Get pregnant–personal, but at the top of what I want from this year.
  2. Experience healthy in a way where I can treat my illnesses as homeopathically as possible.
  3. Save enough money to buy our first home. It’s time.
  4. Find my birthmother and say thank you.
  5. Meditate daily and go to yoga at least once a week.
  6. Cook more: four to five dinners a week would be a win.
  7. Gain more organic and true Instagram followers. I’m hanging out in the 8K range as of today.
  8. Hang out with 1K organic Twitter followers. I’m falling in love with the platform more and more.
  9. Read and listen to eighteen books.
  10. Finish reading the Book of Mormon: slow and steady.
  11. Attend an LDS Temple once every two months.
  12. Travel by taking my son on Star Tours at Disneyland & hike something that scares me.
  13. Be a light to all of whom I interact in all situations. To me, this matters most. There are one hundred mental gold stars next to this baby.
Let’s get started! Be a light.

Love, Evi


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