five ways to work "working out" into Mom Life

I found myself at my highest weight post-baby two months into my husband’s unemployment. I was legitimately eating my feelings. I worked a part-time job and felt I was too busy to make it to the gym–or too overwhelmed. Whatever free time I had, I wanted to spend it in the bathtub with a bath bomb, Diet Coke, and chocolate. #Truth

That said, I lost most of the weight with diet, but exercise needed to come into play before I could truly be considered healthy. I had no excuses while we lived in Utah, but working out has been made easier in Utah County because there are plenty of moms here in my same situation. These ideas can be applied to just about anywhere.


(Locator) I have attended Stroller Strides through Fit4Mom in North Utah Lake. Since my kiddo is three, I worried that he wouldn’t be game for much of anything; however, he loved it. He chilled and ate snacks, and I got a great workout. Everyone in the class is a mom, so no one death glares you if you need to take a break to be a mom. The workout uses resistance training and some added resistance training. It’s an hour-long and a workout that you can do with your baby, so there is no need to worry about what to do with your baby or kids.

If you’re interested, they do offer your first class free! Paola and Rebecca are amazing.


(Locator) I attended VASA on a guest pass. The workout was intense. It’s called Power Pump, which to me, as a mother, meant something entirely different. Once I moved past my giggle, the class kicked my trash. I went with a pregnant friend, and she did quite well. Needless to say, I’m superbly out of shape but enjoyed the workout.

Many of my friends have their kids attend the childcare area while they workout. None of them experience guilt, something that I’ve long struggled with. They should not feel guilty; a healthy and happy mom does wonders for her family. It is easier said than done, but I promise that sending your kid to a gym’s childcare while you workout will not weaken your bond with your child.

Cahoots Fitness

(Lehi) Cahoots is amazing. They have one location in Lehi at this point, and they’re amazing. Cahoots Fitness offers several classes a day for parents to enjoy during which their kids can go to Movement Preschool for ages 2 to 5 or BabySteps for ages 3 months to age 2. The duration of both mom and kid classes are each one hour. Cahoots offers HIGH, Yoga, Strength, Pound, Barre, and HIIT classes. I didn’t try a single class that I did love. HIGH was probably my favorite. I burnt 700 calories in a single class, and Oliver adored Movement Preschool.


(Anywhere) If you have the motivation to work out by yourself at home, I do have a few videos that I like and that I try to do when leaving the house isn’t an option.

So I have this crush on Caleb Marashall of The Fitness Marshall. His videos are the only videos I can focus through. He does dance workout videos, so if that’s not your thing, I’d probably check out PopSugar Fitness or Blogilates. If you’ve never done one of his videos, try Cheap Thrills or Me Too. These routines never get old.

PopSugar Fitness is probably the most diverse. PopSugar has a ton of different options. I usually opt for a core workout and a 30-minute video. It’s like having a professional class given to you in your living room–you just have to find the focus.

I also adore Blogilates. Same deal as PopSugar Fitness: a ton of options for the time and intensity you want. Blogilate’s host, Cassey Ho, is real and motivating. I love, love, love her. In fact, you might recognize her from this video that went viral a year or two ago about the “perfect body.”


Anytime Fitness

(Anywhere/Locator) This one will seem obvious: go the gym when you are able to have a family member be on kid duty. If you’re married, your husband is just as responsible for that beautiful baby as you are. Him watching your baby isn’t babysitting, it’s called being a parent. And I’ll tell you a secret, having a spouse watch your baby is a great relief for when you’re ready to hide in the pantry or bathroom from real life. Endorphins help balance Cortisol (stress hormone).

I prefer Anytime Fitness over 24-Hour Fitness because I scan myself into the building and the facilities are usually nicer and less crowded. I’ve also had a lot of success with finding smaller classes with Anytime, as well. My yoga class usually only has one other girl that frequently attends.

At the end of the day, find an exercise schedule that best fits your life and your schedule. There are seasons where the gym just won’t happen, and that is okay. Yet, if it is something that you feel should be doing (listen to your gut), then do it. Use my list or don’t. Exercise doesn’t have to be this Pinterest-perfect thing. You can do it.

Love, Evi


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