Okay. Here’s the stitch. I’ll do anything for a good manicure that will last through the week. It always seems unjust when I spend a solid thirty minutes on my nails every week, but then when it peels it feels like someone personally betrayed me—my nails betrayed me. Thus, it’s big news that I found a product that really does what it says—a gel finish in a polish with a seven-day wear and tear guarantee. Enter: CND Vinylux Weekly Polish.

CND Vinylux Weekly Polish Review

When I found out that the same company that created shellac/gel polish created a nail polish that is meant to stay on for entire seven days—no chips—really. I ran to my Walgreens per usual and bought a bottle. I’ve used it now with a bunch of different variables.

At first, I layered Nailtique (a fortifying clear polish) beneath the color coat and finishing coat. My nails mostly stayed on, but I honestly think that my polish could have stayed on better, so I blame it on my desire to still get my Nailtique on. Next, I tried it with a bonding base coat (like Orly’s Bonder, which I certainly recommend). It did much better with the bonder, but honestly, it stayed put best when I lightly buffed my natural nails and went straight at them with the “weekly polish” and then the top coat that makes the polish have the gel level shine and guarantee.

Once I got hooked on the product, I started searching for cheaper ways to buy the polish. I had the best luck at TJ Maxx where I scored two polishes for $3 a pop as opposed to the $8 I spent at Walgreens.



Once I got my routine down, the CND Vinylux Weekly Polish really does stay on for an entire week. In terms of stars, it’s a 4/5 in my book–with the only drawback being the fact that you really need to use it with a bonder.

Let me know if and when you try it!
You’re going to lah-lah-love it!



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