So I’m all about eyeshadow palettes, especially when I pick them up at my local drugstore. While I am the proud owner of both Naked Basics palettes and Too Faced Natural Eyes, I really wanted to find a palette that had pink, blush, purple, and smokey tones–enter The Perfect Ten Eyeshadow Palette by Soap & Glory.


First of all, I had to swatch this to see what it would look like on an olive/tan skin tone. I only did two strokes of color for each swatched color. This stuff is pigmented as all get out.

Eyeshadow Palette by Soap & Glory Review & Swatch



Further, The Perfect Ten is perfect for a quick get ready routine or a complete face for a night out.

While I genuinely need to do a “Get Ready with Me” using this palette, I really love these tutorials on how to effectively and fully use this palette: (tutorial one & tutorial two)


In terms of ratings, on a scale of 1 to 5, this palette deserves a solid 4.  The Perfect Ten offers variety of mattes and shimmer shadows; I use a 2 matte:1 shimmer ratio when using eyeshadow.

I do this to avoid having an imbalanced look. Further, shimmer should be used with caution because too much of it can age you or make your face look cake-y or heavy. That said, you do you.

If you want to check out this palette for yourself, you can purchase it from both Target and Walgreens (both allow you to test this palette). This is a limited edition palette, so if you are interested, make sure you grab it before it’s gone.

Eyeshadow Palette by Soap & Glory Review & SwatchRaise your hand if you are totally digging this The Perfect Ten eyeshadow palette!

Love, Evi


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