Modest Style

L.A., You Bring Me Life: U2, Lumineers, & a Concert Outfit

I love Los Angeles. I love breathing in the smog, the small shops, and mid-century homes. I love the heat beating down on my back and the diversity—gosh, the diversity. I’ve lived in all ranges of communities: Idaho was more-or-less all Caucasian; South Orange County was Caucasian, Asian, and Latino; but, oh, Los Angeles has […]

28 Jun 2017


Sedona Travel Guide | Where to Eat, Play, & Stay

Now to start, I’ll say that we only really had thirty-six hours in Sedona. We wanted to get a feel for what the city had to offer, and it certainly did not disappoint. Sedona is perfect for a weekend getaway. It’s actually pretty romantic (and I don’t think I feel that way only because Oliver […]

12 Jun 2017

Mom Life

My Story of PPD: Maternal Depression Awareness Month

May marks the start of Maternal Depression Awareness Month. The Maternal Depression Awareness Month is an awareness campaign that is extremely close to my heart. My Story After having my baby, I lost control of my mental health. My depression came back with a vengeance on top of the severe anemia that I was already […]

1 May 2017


Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Nudes Swatch & Review

Nude lips are a huge trend, and it looks like this trend is going to stick. If you don’t have the right formula of lipstick, your lips can look dry and sloppy. That’s exactly why you should give Soap & Glory Mother Pucker Nudes a chance. Sexy Mother Pucker Swatch on Olive Skin The entire […]

27 Apr 2017


Seeing Lace: The Best Modest (Honey) Slip

I think that a dress should make you feel joy. Dresses are incredible because it’s an outfit that you only just have to add a powerful pair of shoes. BOOM you’re done. Plus, everyone thinks you are fancier than all get out, but in reality, you’re just plain lazy, especially when it involves a lace […]

23 Apr 2017


The Problem with InstaRevealed’s Follow + Unfollow Method

The last few months I’ve implemented the whole follow/unfollow method. You know, the one that all of your favorite sprouting bloggers are doing? What the Follow Unfollow Method? It’s a basic technique based off of the genius methods developed by InstaRevealed. Their course and its methods definitely work, but the fallout definitely has negative consequences. […]

12 Apr 2017

Modest Style

Star Wars Chic

      When Oliver told me that he wanted a Star Wars party, I easily thought of the decor, menu, favors. What I struggled with was the idea of dressing all of us in themed attire. How does someone make a Star Wars outfit chic and not cliche? Well, here is my answer. Use […]

8 Apr 2017


Review: CND Vinylux Weekly Polish

Okay. Here’s the stitch. I’ll do anything for a good manicure that will last through the week. It always seems unjust when I spend a solid thirty minutes on my nails every week, but then when it peels it feels like someone personally betrayed me—my nails betrayed me. Thus, it’s big news that I found […]

31 Mar 2017

Modest Style

A Bright Day | Spring Embroidered Dress

Since I actually was wearing, you know, something other than yoga pants I was fairly excited to be wearing this embroidered dress from Old Navy. It was on clearance for $12. It was easy to dress up with my favorite pair of booties. I would say 75% of my fashion posts are a result of […]

15 Mar 2017

Modest Style

Spring 2017 Style: Jean Chambray, Please!

In Southern California, we are in gorgeous spring weather already. It’s an average of 72 degrees, and everything is green. Thus, it’s time to break out all of the spring outfits. I love a good chambray! It’s nothing new, but Old Navy had this lace up little ditty, and I couldn’t pass (especially with 40% […]

9 Mar 2017