Modest Style

Wear the Trend: Graphic Tee

So let’s talk a baby bit about graphic tees. We all have them and if you don’t have one, you probably want one. Tees have made a major comeback, and I’m totally good with it. Now, I saw a similar CELFIE tee on Etsy a few months ago. I thought that it was cute and totally clicked […]

28 Feb 2017


Dry Shampoo 101

With back to school just around the corner, a huge portion of the population is about to get kicked into overdrive. Mom will be soon be back on the grind–making lunches, being a bus driver, cleaning, running errands, cooking, trying to not forget carpool duty, making work calls in between it all, and heaven forbid […]

28 Feb 2017


Recipe: Lemon Chicken Orzo

This little recipe was inspired by a recipe I found on Food Network, but honestly I just was not feeling the shrimp and I could not find arugula around here (darn you small college town). I adapted it to fit my budget and availability, and I came up with this awesome recipe. It is light […]

28 Feb 2017