There is a lot of hype around Urban Decay’s Naked line. If you are a female who wears make up chances are you have heard of some kind of UD Naked product. While I do wear eyeshadow, I didn’t feel the need to splurge on the full sized palettes quite yet. I wanted to see how I felt about the Basics first and then grow my collection from there. Long story short–I fell in love with a palette.

Today I present to you the official Eyeliner & Erasers Naked Basics and Naked Basics Swatch and Review. I have to tell you–the Naked line is worth the hype. Basics palettes are the perfect size. They travel easily and can create an insane amount of different “looks.” I use Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion (mentioned in this post) along with these palettes. While these palettes don’t need the primer potion per se, the colors definitely “pop” better when used together.

Naked Basics & Naked Basics 2 Swatch and Review

Both palettes move from light to dark colors and offer a wide variety. Most of the colors are matte, rather than shimmer. One rule that I go by is one shimmer color to every two matte colors. Too much shimmer can make you look old or like a 90s teen. Some girls look awesome in shimmer, but in my world, balance is key.

The original Basics palette has one shimmer–venus. This is perfect when swept along the brow bone. The Basics 2 palette really doesn’t have shimmer at all.

If you are going for a very natural look, either palette will do; however, if you are just delving into the world of eyeshadow and want to keep it natural I recommend the Basics 2 palette. The first Basics palette has darker shades that I honestly don’t touch on a daily basis. I’m far more likely to rock “Undone” than “Crave” to get a subtle smokey eye.

Note that I do use Naked 2 (original Basics palette) as my daily brow filler, so don’t discount the power of the original palette.

Overall, both the Urban Decay Naked Basics and Basics 2 palettes are fantastic products definitely worth the investment. They will last forever.

Have you tried the Naked line? What are your thoughts? Comment below or pin the below image with your thoughts!


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