Los Angeles Concert Outfit U2 Lumineers

I love Los Angeles. I love breathing in the smog, the small shops, and mid-century homes. I love the heat beating down on my back and the diversity—gosh, the diversity. I’ve lived in all ranges of communities: Idaho was more-or-less all Caucasian; South Orange County was Caucasian, Asian, and Latino; but, oh, Los Angeles has anyone and everyone—peppered with lives that each bore a sense of intimacy and anonymity all at once.

Many people in Southern California (particularly Suburbia, CA) hate Los Angeles—it’s traffic, it’s sense of heartlessness, and its rat-race energy.

As for me, Los Angeles represents creativity, individuality, late nights, laughter, grit, and fluctuating sound. On any given day, you can’t go more than several miles without hearing live music. It feeds my soul and causes me to smile.

On this particular day, we drove to Los Angeles—the Rose Bowl, more specifically—to partake in one of the best offerings live music bears: U2.

Now, I’ve been to the Rose Bowl: what Southern California native hasn’t? I’m looking at you minivan-mom donning Versace…

Los Angeles Concert Outfit U2 Lumineers

The last I set foot in this place of memory, I was here for a Real Madrid v. L.A. Galaxy expedition game. I truly only remember one thing only: grown, straight men screaming at the pitch of a female soprano. Why? Cristiano Ronaldo. Their cries only ascended when his shirt came off, for which of course, I voiced not a single complaint.

Yes, the Rose Bowl is a magical place, and it is no deterrent that you have to park at least a mile away to enter into its magical realm.

The sun was setting, and the Lumineers took the stage. We gleefully sang “Ho! Hey!” and “Cleopatra” as if we were drunk, but alas, that it the Mormon gift, acting drunk without ever even sipping liquor.

Following the Lumineers set, I heard fans scream—and not for the beautiful hipster band—no, it was for the man: Bono. He was traipsing through the VIP zone and the fans that had paid extra, for which all of the proceeds went to the RED charity.

We sang all night and cheered louder and louder. We nearly ran around the grounds and back to our car—not caring that it was near midnight and for me, a mom who would have to wake up at roughly 6 AM with a toddler, I felt nothing but elation. I didn’t care that my bladder was full and I couldn’t find a bathroom. All I felt was pure delight for being alive and joyous. Alive.

Los Angeles, you bring me life.

Los Angeles Concert Outfit U2 Lumineers

Concert Outfit Details

High-Waist Jeans: American Eagle

White Tee: Nordstrom B.P.

Booties: Blowfish via T.J. Maxx (old, but here are far more expensive similar boots!)

Embroidered Backpack Purse: Amazon

Los Angeles Concert Outfit U2 Lumineers

What’s your favorite concert outfit?

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