Job Materials

Between my husband and I, we’ve probably created materials for well over a hundred applications. I wish I was exaggerating. This, however, got to a place in my career where I now find joy in sitting down with an individual to find out what gives them drive. My job is to help those individuals create letterhead that matches their personality and goals, and then I weave their accolades into something that shows where that individual finds their strengths and passions. I guarantee that each resume and cover letter will come out feeling unique, power-packed, and error-free.

Job material branding & storytelling
Resume editing
Cover letter

Copy Editing

Technical editing of previously written documents. This provides insight into what areas you can improve upon, but also guarantees a completely error-free document. Impress your clients, professors, and friends with how sexy your grammar can be.

Apply to Your Dreams

I got my start in editing by editing applications and academic requests while I was a student Brigham Young University-Idaho. Since that time, I’m proud to say that I’ve helped over a dozen students get into Ivy League schools and academic programs (and this isn’t counting my USC or UCLA admitted students).

While these students had everything they needed sitting on their resume, they needed help telling their story in a way that set them apart from the thousands of academic excelling hopefuls.

Admissions essay editing
Application questions