I think that a dress should make you feel joy. Dresses are incredible because it’s an outfit that you only just have to add a powerful pair of shoes. BOOM you’re done. Plus, everyone thinks you are fancier than all get out, but in reality, you’re just plain lazy, especially when it involves a lace dress. Now, that’s my kind of outfit.

Honey Slip Lace Dress Honey of California Salt & Pepper Supply Co

Lace dresses are a great trend that should never die, and if it does, you bet your bottom dollar that you should hang onto that dress because that style will be back–it always comes back.

Still, lace dresses can be a bit difficult for girls who seek out modest fashion. What do you do when there is this gorgeous lace piece that is too sheer to wear alone or with a spaghetti strap slip. Enter the Honey Slip from Honey of California.

Now, I think it’s important to know that I am not endorsed for this post. I just really love to support products that truly do live up to the hype. AND their slips are clearancing for $22!

I received my first Honey Slip when my girls at Salt & Pepper Supply Co. offered their lace dresses with an accompanying Honey Slip. It was the collab of the decade. Truly.

The Honey Slip is made from light, yet high-quality material that stretches in a manner that allows you to move in any which direction. This makes it perfect to pair with any dress in which you don’t feel optimally modest.

Salt & Pepper has been offering great lace dresses at insanely affordable prices. Currently, I have my eye on their Gardena lace dress. While it comes with a spaghetti strap slip, I’ll be pairing it with my Honey Slip for added coverage.

The Outfit

Honey Slip Lace Dress Honey of California Salt & Pepper Supply Co

Lace Dress:

Salt & Pepper Supply Co. (sold out, but similar)


Honey Slip in nude (currently $22)


Restricted Long Island Pump $20 at TJMaxx (nude not available online, but white is available through Lulu’s)

Honey Slip Lace Dress Honey of California Salt & Pepper Supply Co

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