hire me
I love to teach and edit. It’s my calling. I feel it in my bones every single day. My rates are reasonable and negotiable, depending on your needs. I’ve done all kinds of projects, including researching, interviewing, and writing up the entire site for RiseFromPPD.org. True story.

What makes you an expert?

  • I am a part-time professor as part of Brigham Young University, teaching online.
  • I have six years of teaching experience, seven years of ten years of tutoring experience.
  • I created and edited content for a brand-spanking-new water company that focuses on modern art and building art communities. We’re set to launch NEXT WEEK. Eek!
  • I ghostwrote a 175-page “how-to” guide for a client.
  • Oh, and I graduated in the top 5% of my undergraduate class (3.9 GPA) and top 1% of my graduate class (4.0 GPA).


Call me! In the night…or maybe just email me.

Needless to say, I’m great at what I do–and I want to be YOUR editor. If you’re interested, email me at contact.monfig@gmail.com.