easy DIY flower crown

When I decided to pull the trigger on family pictures, I knew that I wanted to make a flower crown. I texted my bestie, Cookie Curator, to bounce the idea off of her and also hear what suggestions she had after making hers for her own family pictures. She pointed me in the right direction to make my own easy DIY flower crown.

Surprisingly, this DIY is a piece of cake, and there is no reason why you should pay someone to make a flower crown for you.

Easy DIY Flower Crown


45 minutes


  • Filler greenery or smaller blooms
  • Large blooms (optional)
  • Thick floral wire
  • Thin floral wire
  • Floral tape
  • Kitchen shears or small wire cutter


  1. Decide what kind of aesthetic you want your crown to have. Light and airy? Colorful? Simple? Do you want large blooms, small blooms, mixed? I went with simple with small flowers all around.

Collecting the Supplies

  1. Buy flowers accordingly. I would recommend Trader Joe’s or Costco. I bought my flowers at Costco for $4.
  2. You’ll need floral tape, thin floral wire, and thick floral wire. Michael’s has all of these items, as does many a Wal-Mart

Easy DIY Flower Crown

Prep Work

  1. Measure: Measure around your head with the thicker floral wire. You can either measure the circumference of the wire tilted or if you want it to go straight across your forehead. Either way, whatever you measure is the amount of wire that will be used to go around your head. I erred on the liberal side.
  2. Smooth: Tape around the crown to make it not have a thick wire sticking out. Taping will keep things from getting uncomfortable.
  3. Shorten Stems: Cut the blooms down to a manageable height. For mine, I left about four inches of the stem so I’d have enough to fasten onto the crown wire.
  4. Prepare Wire: Precut the thinner wire. I made roughly 12 strands of 6-inch pieces. I didn’t measure the wire exactly, since, if you do things right, you won’t see the wire, and you can always trim it down.

Easy DIY Flower Crown

Easy DIY Flower Crown

Getting Started

  1. Attach the fill: If you are using larger flowers and smaller fill, attach the fill (smaller blooms or greenery) first. This step is easiest if you decide on a direction (either left or right) and work your away around the crown, wrapping the wire around the flowers or fill in a circular motion, using the wire as the center. Do this in light amounts and try not to use a ton of wire. You’ll be able to fasten everything down once you decide where you want your bigger blooms to sit.
  2. Lay the larger blooms (optional): With the wire resting on the flat surface in front of you, figure out where you want the larger blooms around your head. Many people elect to attach larger blooms to run across the top of the head or across the forehead.
  3. Attach larger blooms: Once you’ve decided where you want the large blooms, fasten them onto the wrapped and filled crown. Again, lay the stem flesh with the crown, and wrap the thinner wire around the crown, attaching the stem to the crown itself.

Easy DIY Flower Crown 

Finishing Touches

  1. Tame the crown: place the crown on your head and ask yourself “Is there anything that is sticking up too far? How is the floral volume?” If it is too big or things seem out of place, use the thin floral wire to tame the crown.

Easy DIY Flower Crown

That’s it! Enjoy looking like a Snapchat filter made manifest! 😉

Easy DIY Flower Crown

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  1. This is so beautiful! Your instructions are so detailed and with the photos, I feel like I could totally do this. I’m not much of a crafter but I might give this one a go. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is a clever idea…Flower crowns are so popular and this is a great way to make a flower crown that matches your outfit for a festival or an event! – Erika – MyRevampedLife.com

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