Finding My Birthmother

It’s taken me days to process that we finally found my birthmother. After nearly two years of trying to find her, we did it. I know her name, I’ve been in contact with her, and she is no longer a stranger to me. She wants to get to know me, and I want to get […]

10 Jan 2019

Mom Life

The Last

Ten tiny toes are becoming bigger. I look at you and realize I’m growing, too. The last few years moved swiftly. And yet, here we are quietly rocking. I look down at you and see my newborn And all at once, I realize this may be the last.   The last time that I hold […]

5 Sep 2018


How to Date Your Spouse, featuring Z’s Chop Haus

It’s easy to forget to how to date your spouse after you’ve been married for several years, and especially after you’ve entered the roughest ‘hood of all–parenthood. All cliches aside, I think that sometimes we need a gentle reminder to branch out and look at dating our spouse a bit more seriously. First things first, […]

3 Sep 2018


Southern California Travel: 8 Quick Tips

I am a big fan of travel tips, especially Southern California Travel Tips. I love where I’m from–there’s no doubt about it. Growing up, I always kind of knew that I lived in a pretty incredible place (what kind of kid doesn’t realize this when he or she Disneyland annual passes? #blessed). Here’s a quick […]

6 Aug 2018


Parenthood + the Bed (with Beddy’s)

In a parent’s life, there are certain areas that any given parent finds him or herself in more than others. For us, it’s the bedroom–or at least the concept of “the bed.” We work our tails off from infancy to get the baby to “go to bed,” to “take a nap,” or “sleep in his […]

1 Jun 2018


Keto, Low-Carb, Gluten Free: German Pancakes & Berry Syrup

I’ve tried so many low-carb or keto recipes in an attempt to create a more balanced meal. This is a family favorite recipe; yes, my toddler devours this meal: a keto German pancake. Now, I don’t need to sell you on anything here. If you’re looking at this recipe, it’s likely because you are already […]

25 May 2018


Dear Diet Coke

Dear Diet Coke, you sustain me and give me joy. Though we have had our ups and downs, we always find our way back to each other. In grad school, I depended on you fully. In pregnancy, I left you at the curb. And now in motherhood, I find you in the afternoon as a […]

27 Apr 2018

Our Life

A Real Story of Unemployment

We’ve been unemployed. A lot. More than we like to talk about because, well, unemployment hurts. Unemployment is a soul-crushing pain. Something that right now, 1 in 25 people are experiencing in our country. Which in our lifetime, our country saw its second highest unemployment rate in the last fifty years;  ten percent of the […]

24 Apr 2018

Mom Life

5 Ways to Work Working-Out Into #MomLife

I found myself at my highest weight post-baby two months into my husband’s unemployment. I was legitimately eating my feelings. I worked a part-time job and felt I was too busy to make it to the gym–or too overwhelmed. Whatever free time I had, I wanted to spend it in the bathtub with a bath […]

13 Apr 2018